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08.11.2008 - ugh
Well what to say - im surprised it`s already more than 6 months since last post here. As expected, things have changed - no wannabe topgear movie (as mentioned below) was done, instead we carried on capturing more footage for the timelapse, because we were asked by local company to make a video for them - but that is still to be discussed with them, who knows how it turns out. So to give you atleast something, you can download our little experiment we did on local cemetery. The other day we went to make some sequel to that, but perhaps we draw too much attention as somebody called police at us and being disturbed, the sequel failed....maybe next time.

05.04.2008 - not dead yet
Just letting you guys know that we are still alive. Unfortunately, we didn`t make any new progress with the project, but things MAY change as I have a car now (so getting around is much easier). We did a little experiment, an "onboard driving timelapse" - but it failed because the camera moved during filming and we captured more of dashboard than scenery. I`ve got a little idea in my head - a short experimental timelapse movie about the car (perhaps in TopGear style), so stay tuned for more information about this. Hopefully I don`t crash the car before we get to do this :)

25.12.2007 - what the hell?
Where are the news? Is this project dead? Perhaps... The thing is, that I started working at my first job in October and since then I don`t have much free time. The only days when we can go filming are the weekends - and as you would guess, the weather sucks these days. So there you have it, we haven`t been out filming for 4 months. But seeing that in the last month there was a great rise in page visits / traffic, who knows - maybe we`ll continue with the project at some point.

22.08.2007 - trailer #3
As promised yesterday, we are just releasing the 3rd trailer. It is over 3 minutes long, so the filesize got a bit bigger - nearly 300MB for the 1080p version. Get it from the downloads!

21.08.2007 - new trailer soon
This was originally planned to be "private" video for local cable tv / isp company as a showcase of HD, but then we decided to make it into 3rd official trailer. We spent 3 afternoons puting it together and right now I am compressing the videos (720p and 1080p). It will take some time and I also have to upload it so you can expect the trailer sometime during tomorrow!

14.08.2007 - making of
It took a bit longer (mainly because I was gone for a week) but you can download the "Making of" movie from the downloads category. You can also watch it on YouTube here.

25.07.2007 - the "Chernobyl" scene
Today we went on a hill just above Roznov and did a scene we call "Chernobyl" because you can see the Tesla factory from there and it reminds us of the real Chernobyl. On this occasion we also took many "documentary" photos and we will put together a small documentary video about our timelapse project. If everything goes well, you can expect it in the next few days. Another not so good news is, that that I found out that I already took 53600 photos with my 350D and Marek took 51 000 photos - and as the average shutter life of 350D is 50000, we can expect KABOOOM inside our cameras with every photo :(

23.07.2007 - trip to Radhost
This morning we decided to go on Pustevny (famous place in this area) and make some new scenes there. We took the bus at 10.00 that took us up there (1013 meters above sea-level). First of all, we shoot the old houses and then we moved to the lift where we made 2 more scenes (one wide and one zoomed). We wanted to make another clip on Pustevny of people climbing up a steep hill, but the sun went behind clouds, so we continued walking to Radhost Halfway through, there is a statue of Radegast, where we wanted to capture people gathering around, climbing up the statue and taking photos of themselves, but the sun was at bad position, so we carried on to Radhost. When we got there, we realised the clouds have almost completely disappeard from the sky, so we couldn`t make any interesting scene there. We decided to return on Pustevny. When we reached the statue of Radegast, the sun was in good position, so we did the scene as we had planned before. We also managed to do the scene on Pustevny. Then we run out of memory of our CF cards, so we headed home - we returned back to Radhost from where we walked down to Roznov. Altogether, we walked about 25km today and made 5 scenes.

17.07.2007 - evening scenes
In the evening of 15th July we went down to the main road to make an early evening scene with nice blue sky - but after we did like 200 frames we realised the compositon wasn`t very good and the lighting was not as good anymore, so we went home. On the next day we returned to the exact same spot and did the scene again, this time with better composition. Anyway, for the past few days there were exactly 0 clouds on the sky, so we didn`t make any daytime scene. If you have any idea for some kind of "people scene" (no clouds needed there), let us know in guestbook - we spent half of the afternoon walking in the town looking for any spot but didn`t find anything.

15.07.2007 - great luck once again...not
We took out our bikes today and went into the fields near Zubří. We wanted to make 'nature only' scene and we had decided that for this kind of scenes we will take each frame more slowly - like 1 frame per 5 seconds instead of 1 FPS which we usually used until now. This will make the clouds flow faster and provide more interesting results. Unfortunately we don`t have any kind of 'timer' so we had to do it manually - watch the stopwatch and press the shutter button every 5 seconds. Of course after 10 minutes the clouds went over the sun and the whole scenery ended up in shade, so we have 5 seconds long clip. And because it was like +35°C outside, we were totally exhausted and went home. Hopefully we`ll have more luck next time.

08.07.2007 - we are still alive
No update for a long time, but there wasn`t much going on - in June there was some school stuff for both of us and then Marek was away on vacation meanwhile I was ill for the past few days. Mind you, the weather wasn`t very good either...and forecast says it`s not going to improve much. Anyway, we have a new piece of equipment - MC Zenitar 16mm fisheye lens.

11.06.2007 - museum scenes
We went to the Wallachian open-air museum yesterday. There was a lot of people watching some dancing and singing, so we filmed that. Then we moved to the "Wallachian village" where we shot a scene with old houses and goat in foreground (which kept running out of the view). In the end we returned back to where we started and filmed how the people leave their seats at the end of the perfomance.

09.06.2007 - church tower
After more than a week without any proper sky/clouds, it was finally nice weather yesterday. We went downtown and decided to try to get on the tower of the church. We rang at the door and asked somebody (probably the vicar?) whether he could let us go up. He agreed and gave us the keys of the church - thanks. We then had to climb lots of wooden stairs (photo taken on the way down) and even some ladders. But the view was worth it.

25.05.2007 - landscape scenes
Clouds were quite nice today, so we went up to the hills to make some landscape scenes. But I have to say, it`s quite annoying to walk in +30°C with all the camera equipment. Check out some new pics in gallery

20.05.2007 - some new scenes
As it was cloudless yesterday, we`ve decided to do some "people scenes" - first we visitied a local motobikes gathering and "filmed" them, as they were leaving in a big group for a ride. Then we took train to a near-by "city" Zubří where were held some celebrations, so possibility of lots of people. In the train we tried whether it would be possible to do some scene in future - well, the window would need some cleaning. In Zubří, there was a lot of people in the place surrounded by buildings, so we wanted to get ourselves to the top floor of some "abandoned" construction site. After a while, we found an entrance thru the basement but it looked quite scary and it smelled really bad so we turned around and went back. In the end, we`ve made some scenes of people drinking beer, talking and riding some carousels etc.

13.05.2007 - finally an update!
I have finally updated the website with some more information and some small gfx improvements. And make sure you check our new trailer ("only" took us like 6 hours to create) in the DOWNLOADS section!
Welcome to the website about our movie project. We are working on a HD timelapse movie with views from the town Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (Czech Republic) and its surroundings.

So far, we`ve got 3 trailers (check them in the downloads section) and can`t really estimate when the final movie will be released. That depends mainly on weather as we try to film when there are some cool clouds on sky.

Also, we don`t have any winter shots in daylight and we do want to include winter in the movie, so hopefully there will be some snow in Q4 2007.
For some more info about the project, click here.
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